Are you an artist, surface pattern designer, or illustrator who wants a cohesive online image and professional presence? I can help you with a personalized logo, color palette, and a custom portfolio website to generate more commissions, sales, and licensing deals.

It is imperative in the competitive world of art and design to have a personal artistic style and that it shine through in all of your marketing efforts to attract customers, buyers, and licensing deals. It can sometimes be overwhelming for artists without a lot of technical knowledge to get their personal portfolio website online. You would rather be creating art rather than trying to learn how to set up WordPress!

I work exclusively with artists to take that burden off your plate so you can make art and secure deals which is what you would rather be doing anyway, right? Save time, stress, and overwhelm and get back to creating. Contact me about branding and designing your online portfolio now!

Branding Package


As an artist you already have a distinct style. I’ll help you turn your personal look into a logo and color palette that will work for your web site as well as all of your other marketing materials from business cards, to social media, to look books, to trade show displays. Having a cohesive brand across all of your communication channels is essential for making a mark for yourself as an artist, exuding professionalism, and making more sales. I can integrate your established brand and take it further or we can come up with a brand new look.


  • Professional logo (in multiple formats)
  • Custom color palette
  • Font suggestions
  • Branding guide


WordPress Design Package


I’ll work with you to design a beautiful web site and give you the steps to maintain it yourself afterwards. After the technical details are out of the way, we’ll go through the process outlined below to design your site and you’ll be on your way to more commissions and deals! My mission is to get you set up with your branding and a WordPress site while you are concentrating on the other aspects of your business and creating more art.


  • Help setting up your WordPress hosting and domain at GoDaddy (the hosting fees are not included in this package)
  • 5 page web site setup/design (home, about, portfolio, blog, contact) in WordPress using the Divi theme
  • Maintenance guide


The Process

As an artist you have your own style and we will work together to make it shine. This process will be very collaborative and a two-way partnership all the way!

1. You will send me samples of web sites or branding that speak to you (and most importantly, that you believe speak to your potential clients) and tell me what it is you like about each one.

2. You will send me a sampling of your most representative artwork so I can get a feeling for your style and the art direction we should take.

3. I will create a mood board to show you the colors, styles, and layouts I’m proposing.

4. You will review and provide any feedback and the content for your site (body copy, branding elements if you already have them, portfolio pieces you want to include with any accompanying descriptions/information, etc.).

5. I will take all of this information and visual input and roll it up into a cohesive, ready-to-go online presence or visual branding package, just for you.

6. We’ll do some testing, proofing, and approving to make sure everything is perfect.

7. I’ll provide the appropriate deliverables to you and you will be ready to go!

8. I will also provide you with the steps to edit and update the more dynamic parts of your site (such as editing and adding to your portfolio).

This will be fun and easy. I promise!

Contact me about branding and designing your online portfolio now!

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